Jerusalem Politicians Exiled by Israeli Occupation - Demand Justice

Since the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC) elections in 2006, parliamentarians from Jerusalem (including a former minister) have suffered intimidation, imprisonment and forced deportation, by the Israeli authorities.


A new report, released this week, by the Arab Organisation for Human Rights, UK (AOHR), catalogues the campaign by Israeli Authority agencies against PLC officials; Mohammed Mahmoud Abu Teir, Ahmed Mohammed Atoun, Mohammad Imran Totah and the former Minister of Jerusalem Affairs, Khaled Ibrahim Abu Arafah

“This is certainly not the first time that Israel has deported Jerusalemites from their city; there have been thousands of incidents like this in an effort to change the identity of the city” says M Jamil, Deputy Chairman of AOHR.

On Wednesday March 20th 2013, a public meeting will take place at the House of Lords, London, hosted by Baroness Jenny Tonge, who writes;

'I urge all the democratic peoples of Europe and the USA to call for justice for these men and to take steps to force the Israeli authorities to release and return the MP's, who it must be emphasised, have neither committed nor been charged with any criminal act,' she says.

The four politicians named in the report, are currently either under administrative detention in Israeli prisons, or living in forced exile in Ramallah, West Bank.